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Get this beautiful limited edition handmade and hand designed artwork capturing the soulful gurmukhi calligraphy from Gurbani along with a mix of traditional and highly intricate Indian and Turkish arts that adds a unique element to the gurbani lines.



The artwork focuses on the surreal words of Bani - Satnam Waheguru and reciting the Gurus pristine words gives a meditative effect to one. The artwork can be put on the office tables or on walls of your homes to purify ones sould and mind.



Why wait ? Order now to get this amazing and limited edition artwork for your home and office and feel connected to God at all times



Comes in multiple sizes


Comes without frame


Medium : Watercolors and Gouache Colors


Sheet : 300 GSM Fabriano / Canson sheets


  • The artwork is handmade specifically on demand and order. The artwork is made of 300 gms sheets with Gold paints that shimmer along with the name of Guru.

    Size :

    Small : 8*8 inches

    Medium : 10*10 inches

    Large : 12*12 inches

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