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Welcome to the enchanting world of "QURBAT"


A captivating artwork meticulously crafted over 100 hours.  Drawing inspiration from the artistic traditions of Persia, this circular masterpiece exudes a vibrant and harmonious blend of captivating pinks, blues, and greens. The colors seamlessly intertwine, creating a mesmerizing visual tapestry that instantly captures attention and sparks curiosity.


Embellishing the artwork are intricate floral motifs that dance gracefully across the canvas, infusing the piece with an air of elegance and serenity. Each delicate stroke tells a story of beauty and grace, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate details and explore the depths of artistic expression.


At the heart of "QURBAT" lies the profound shabad "Hamara Mann Mohe" from Guru Granth Sahib ji. This sacred text resonates with spiritual significance, evoking a sense of introspection and tranquility. Additionally, a smaller design featuring the revered Mool Mantra adds an extra layer of symbolism and depth to the composition, creating a harmonious balance between artistic beauty and spiritual essence.


Experience the captivating allure of "QURBAT" as it invites you to embark on a journey of visual and spiritual exploration. Display it in your space to evoke a sense of serenity, inspire conversations, and celebrate the timeless beauty of Punjabi calligraphy and artistry. Let "QURBAT" be a radiant centerpiece that reflects your appreciation for art, culture, and spirituality


  • The artwork is available in multiple sizes


    12*16 Inches

    16*20 Inches 

    20*24 Inches

    24*30 Inches

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