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Artwork Description:


This stunning artwork showcases the Mool mantra, a foundational text of the Sikh religion. The mantra is beautifully written in Old calligraphy, with each word carefully crafted to capture the depth and meaning of the text. The use of Gouache colors adds a vibrant and bold element to the piece, with each layer of color adding to the overall effect of the artwork.


The Mool mantra, which translates to "root chant," is a powerful and spiritual text that forms the foundation of Sikh beliefs. The mantra expresses the essence of Sikhism, emphasizing the importance of faith, humility, and service to others. The artwork is a beautiful and unique representation of this important text, bringing its meaning to life in a new and visually stunning way.


The artwork is available in four different sizes, allowing viewers to choose a size that best fits their needs and preferences. Each piece is handmade by me, ensuring that it is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether displayed in a home, office, or place of worship, this artwork is sure to inspire and uplift viewers, reminding them of the importance of faith and spirituality in our lives.


Overall, this artwork is a beautiful and powerful representation of the Mool mantra highlighting the depth and beauty of Sikh culture and spirituality.


Medium: Gouache on paper

The artwork comes without frame


Sizes: 12*12 inches, 16*16 inches, 20*20 inches, 24*24 inches


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