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Experience the beauty and power of Punjabi calligraphy with this stunning artwork featuring the Mool Mantra.

The artist has skillfully played with different font sizes and styles to create a visually striking piece that showcases the text in Punjabi, its transliteration in English, and its English translation.


The Mool Mantra is a fundamental text in the Sikh religion that describes the nature of God and serves as a basis for Sikh philosophy. This artwork not only showcases the beauty of Punjabi calligraphy but also carries a profound spiritual message that is accessible to a wider audience.


As a Punjabi Calligrapher, the artist has put in a lot of effort and dedication into creating this unique and meaningful piece. It is a true representation of the artist's passion and skill for their craft.


Whether you are a collector of spiritual art or a lover of Punjabi calligraphy, this artwork is sure to captivate and inspire you. Add it to your collection or gift it to a loved one and experience the beauty and power of the Mool Mantra in a whole new way.


The piece will be shipped in a protective sleeve with cardboard backing, in a sturdy envelope





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