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ROOH - Our original handmade artwork


The first line of the Mool Mantar is “Ik Onkar”, which means “There is only one God”. This symbolises the importance of the belief in the oneness of God and the oneness of humanity (the belief that everyone is equal).


The symbol meaning “Ik Onkar” is seen in gurdwara and Sikh homes. Its widespread use highlights the fact that this is the most important belief in Sikhism and that it should always be in the mind of Sikhs. The symbol helps Sikhs to focus on Waheguru when praying and meditating.


The artwork has been completed painted by hand with special Goauche and Shell gold colors with a very simplistic yet modern design form


This is perfect for your homes or as a special gift to your loved ones ❤️

The artwork is made in multiple size options


A. 8*11 InchesB. 12*16 Inches

C. 16*20 Inches

D. 20*24 Inches


Material used

A. Watercolor by Winsor and NewtonB. Gouache colorsC. Shell gold especially made by me :)D. 300 gsm thick fabriano / canson sheets


The artwork will come packed in thick cardboard backed packing to ensure no damages during transit.


The artwork comes without frame


For questions or customization requests, please send me a message!For more work, visit or whatsapp us

*within 24 hours of any purchase from my shop, you will receive an acknowledgement message with confirmation and details about when and how your item will be mailed out


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