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Calligaffair is the Lifestyle and Home decor brand founded by Simran.

We are a passionate bunch of people with a mission to revive the lost art of Gurmukhi, Gothic and Devnagari calligraphy through the work of art.


Our guiding principal is to surprise the customers with unique and bespoke calligraphy art and break the monotony of artworks in the market

About our Team

Simran is a masters in fine arts with an inherent inclination towards Calligraphy and Doodling. She started with learning about graphic design, however the the finer details in Calligraphy , Islamic Geometry always eluded her since childhood. Being born to a Sikh Family in Delhi, a city heavily influenced by inflow of multiple cultures throughout its history, she was always attracted to the illumination and designs of arts in Medieval India and to the pen strokes of Gurmukhi, Sanskrit and Urdu. 

Over the years she has explored many art forms throughout the world and captured the essence of these and created a unique art form that criss-cross between the Islamic and Indo-Sanskrit cultures. And as an artist her mind  never at rest and she continuously doodle her thoughts throughout the day. 

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