Tati Vao Na Lagai

Tati Vao Na Lagai

The artwork is designed around the Floral theme and has a very important verse from Shri Guru Granth sahib ji - Tati Vao Na lagai  which translates as " The hot wind doesn't blow over one who has the Guru's protection " 


Order this amazing artwork to bless your home with the words of almighty and remind yourself about Guru and his protective shield around you. 


The artwork is available in 3 sizes depending on whether one wants to place it on desk or hang it on the walls. 

  • Product Info

    This beautiful curated artwork and its floral design s entirely made by hands for our customers and one can be sure that no one designs can be same

    It is available in multiple sizes=


    Small : 6*9 Inches

    Medium : 8*11 Inches

    Large : 10*13 Inches