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We are launching our inhouse designed Limited Edition "Sahe Chithi" ! 


The Sahe Chithi has been specially designed with detailing from Sikh History and Art with text in Punjabi 


This beautiful Sahe Chithi is unique from the other brands as the chithi has been especially crafted considering the Sikh rituals showing the Bride and Groom in front of Guru Ji


Note - The final Sahe Chithi would be without our Watermark. We add watermarks on pics uploaded on etsy to avoid design thefts by other stores.

Sahe Chithi - Bespoke Anand Karaj Invitation

  • The Sahe Chithi comes with a box which is wrapped in a decorative paper. The Chithi is bound by 2 wooden rolls at its end


    The size is 12*16 inches

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