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Embrace the power of positivity with our Moolmantra Artwork.


The Moolmantra, the foundational mantra of Sikhism, serves as a source of inspiration and comfort in daily life. Our handcrafted pieces feature intricate calligraphy with Gold Foil, bringing the Moolmantra's message to life in a unique and beautiful way. Add a touch of inspiration to your home or office with our Moolmantra Artwork


Details of Artwork


- The artwork is specially made to adorn the walls of your home to gift to your near and dear ones and is perfect for your homes or as a special gift to your loved ones ❤️

- The Artwork comes with Frame



For questions or customization requests, please send me a message!

For more work, visit or whatsapp us at +91-7738348422

Moolmantra - Gold Foiling ( with frame )