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As a Punjabi artist, I take great pride in celebrating the rich cultural traditions of Punjab through my creations. My latest artwork features the 35 letters of the Gurmukhi script, arranged in a stunning phulkari-inspired design. This piece showcases the beauty and complexity of the Punjabi language, highlighting the unique features and history of the script.


The Gurmukhi script is the official script of the Punjabi language and has been used for centuries to communicate and express the rich cultural traditions of Punjab. In this artwork, I aim to celebrate the artistry of language and honor the cultural heritage of my community.


Phulkari is a traditional form of embroidery that originated in Punjab and is known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs. By incorporating a phulkari-inspired design in this artwork, I aim to connect the Gurmukhi script with the rich textile traditions of Punjab and showcase the vibrant cultural heritage of our community.


I'm excited to share this artwork with the world and hope it inspires others to appreciate the beauty and richness of the Punjabi language and culture. Join me in celebrating the artistry of language and the vibrant traditions of Punjab through this creation.


It is perfect sovenir to be kept in your homes and stay connected to the Culture of our Beautiful Panjab


The piece will be shipped in a protective sleeve with cardboard backing, in a sturdy envelope, the larger prints (16" x 20") will be mailed in a mailing tube


For questions or customization requests, please send me a message!

35 AKHRI - A Phulkari Inspired Artwork

  • Available as Handmade

    For Handmade - Handpainted with Acrylic on Canvas

    Size- 12*16 inches | 16*20 inches | 20*24 Inches | 24*30 Inches

    Will fit perfectly in standard-size frame (frame not included)

    All artworks are signed+dated with love :)

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